Annual Winter Conference

The Ohio Township Association's Annual Winter Conference is held in Columbus each year to further the education of township officials and provide a forum in which they may exchange ideas. With more than 90 educational workshops, a tradeshow with over 160 vendors and several networking events, the Winter Conference is a great opportunity for OTA members to advance their knowledge of townships in Ohio.

Keynote Speakers

Enjoy a speech? See below for their presentations as both PowerPoints and PDFs.

Charlie Kingdollar - Emerging Issues PowerPoint
Charlie Kingdollar - Emerging Issues PDF

Gerry Preciado - Improving Relationships PowerPoint
Gerry Preciado - Improving Relationships PDF



Missed a workshop? Lost a handout? See below for the full list of workshop handouts. 

2020 Census
A of S Legal & Compliance Supplement Update
ACA - Healthcare Reimbursements Made Easy
ACA - Healthcare Reimbursements Made Easy - Part 2
Aggregation - Beyond Price
Agriculture Zoning & Procedures
Auditing Policies & Procedures
Basics of Investing
Budget from A to Z
Building a Brand for a Traditional Suburban Community Center
Cemetery Maintenance, Rules and Regs
Cleaning up Property Shouldn't Be This Hard
Communicating with Citizens
Conducting a Zoning Hearing
Conducting Effective Meetings
Controlling Workers Comp Costs
Cybersecurity 101
Decision Making: Making the Hard Right
Do You Have a Bill Suggestion? Leg. Q & A
Economic Development Organization Structure
Epic Fails - Top HR Errors Managers Make
Fundamentals of Negotiations Strategy
Guns in Townships
Hinkle Notes & Year End Procedures 1
Hinkle Notes & Year End Procedures - 2
Investment Tips & Techniques
Is Your Fire Department Efficient?
IT Security - Threats, Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures
Key Elements of an Effective Safety Program
Liabilities & Defenses
Long-Term Road Budget Forecasting
Long Range Road Maintenance and Reconstruction Budget Forecasting Template
Making Roads Safer by Complying with MUTCD
Maximizing Your Limited Road Budget
Medical Marijuana - A Township's Role
Meeting Misconceptions
Mitigating Cancer Risks in the Fire Service

New Manufactured Homes Program
New Township Laws Update
Ohio ASSIST Program for Safety Service Personnel
Ohio Cemetery Law - What You Are Dying to Know
Ohio Ethics Law - Can I Do That?
Permit Management
Permit Management 2
Principles of Investmen Accounting
Protecting Your Borders from Annexation
Railroads & Townships
Reappraisals, Land Valuation & Taxes
Road Safety Audits
Role of & Working with the County Engineer
Running a Fire Department on a Shoestring Budget?
Safety Service Personnel & Social Media
Sexual Harassment Training
Signals, Signs & Speed Oh My!
Successfully Including Businesses within Your JEDD Under the New Law
Sunshine Laws & Conflict of Interest
Technology in Ohio - Past, Present, and Future
Today & Tomorrow - How Technology is Changing the Future
Tools for Your Township
UAN Basics for New(er) Fiscal Officers
UAN for Experienced Fiscal Officers
Understanding and Accounting for Township Funds
Use of Social Media and Restrictions on Free Speech
What You Should be Asking Your Chief
Where the Money Comes From
Wind Energy Issues


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Registration for the Winter Conference opens every year in early November, which includes an online option on our website and a paper option included in the Ohio Township News magazine. The 2018 conference will be held Jan. 31-Feb. 3. To register now, please click here.


If you are interested in attending the Winter Conference Trade Show as a vendor and/or sponsor, please go to the vendor opportunities section.

Vendor Opportunities


If you are interested in presenting an educational workshop at an upcoming conference, please contact Heidi Fought at or 614-863-0045.