Zoning Inspectors

The Ohio Township Association's Zoning Inspectors Group was formed at the request of members. The group is informal, does not operate by a set of bylaws and has no governing board.

The inspectors meet quarterly and meetings combine networking with educational information. The Zoning Inspectors group is a great resource and a wonderful place to ask questions, and there are several requests for information that are sent using this list throughout the year.


There is no cost to be a member of the Zoning Inspectors Group, but there is a cost to attend the trainings. An associate membership in the OTA does provide for reduced training fees. The list of members is maintained by OTA staff. If you would like to be placed on the list, please email OTA Meeting & Events Coordinator Michael Zaky at zaky@ohiotownships.com.

Meeting Information

2020 OTA training events have gone virtual! For more information, click here