Township Elections

Candidates for Ohio township office — as a trustee or fiscal officer — must be a resident of the township in which they are running for election.

Nominations of candidates for election as township officials must be made by a nominating petition, unless a majority of township residents have petitioned for a primary election. The nominating petitions must be signed by 25 township residents and filed with the county board of elections at least 90 days before the general election.

Township officials are elected on a nonpartisan ballot in the November general election, in odd-numbered years. The filing fee for candidates is $10.

Every other year, half of the township officials are up for election. Two township trustees will be up for election in 2017. In 2019, the remaining township trustee and fiscal officer will also be up for election.

Township trustees and fiscal officers serve four-year terms, unless an official retires or steps down, at which point someone is appointed to carry out the remainder of the term. Term of office for a township trustee begins Jan. 1 following election, and township fiscal officers start April 1 after election.

Township trustees and fiscal officers must take an oath of office. That oath is administered by an elected or appointed official.