Tim Lynch

OTA President
Liberty Township/Seneca County


Tim Lynch first became involved with township government by helping the fire department when they were having contractual issues. From there, he was talked into running for a trustee position, where he remains nearly 40 years later.

Tim was born and raised in Seneca County, where he still resides. He says he’s motivated by “making township government a source of help to everyone and anyone.” He wants residents to know they have a stake in government and that trustees strive to resolve issues within their jurisdiction quickly.

Lynch, who farms 300 acres, retired after 36 years in education — 30 spent as a high school guidance counselor. The most influential people in Tim’s life are his parents, who encouraged him to get involved in a variety of activities, which he believes made him a well-rounded person. His mom was a teacher and his dad a welder.

Tim has led a life of service, including being a fireman for 30 years, an EMT for 15 years, a coach, park director and even lifeguard. He and wife Diane have a son, two stepsons and five grandchildren.

For those with an interest in serving their community, Tim says, “Don’t expect to be rich, but if you are lucky enough to be elected, spend time with those who elected you and think further ahead than two or three years into the future.”