Steven Woolf

Clay Township/Montgomery County


Steve Woolf’s first real memory of township government surrounds a sad time in his life. His father was a village fire chief who also served the township. When he passed away in the line of duty, township employees and officials circled around and supported his family. His name is listed today at the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park in Emmitsburg, Md.

From there, Steve became a volunteer fireman, where he served for 30 years. He became a township trustee because he felt it was taking the “next step further to help on the regulation side of things.”

Woolf was born and raised in Phillipsburg, nestled in northwest Montgomery County and less than one mile from Darke, Preble and Miami counties. It’s a town of roughly 600 people. The first of his family to attend college, Woolf owns his own insurance company, which he says helps in his role as a trustee because he’s experienced with health-care insurance and benefits, and budget cuts.

The hardest thing about public service is “knowing there are limits in place, and you can never have a perfect world,” he says. He encourages those thinking of serving in township government to fully understand its history and not to do it for the wrong reason. “If you have an axe to grind or are only looking to work on one simple issue, then don’t do it,” Woolf says.

Steve says he owes a lot to his wife, Laura, and the sacrifices she has made. They have two children, Nicholas and Maggie, both students at Miami University in Oxford.