Scott Fabian

OTA Second Vice President
Steubenville Township/Jefferson County


Scott Fabian’s first recollection of township governance was when he tagged along with his dad and another trustee to check on some unwanted beavers. His father served as a trustee for 26 years, and Scott eventually wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Born in Steubenville, Fabian was raised and still lives in Mingo Junction. He lists beating out 27 other candidates for election to the OTA Board of Directors as one of his biggest life accomplishments. He also points to when he was vice president of the Jefferson County Township Association and the county became the third in the state to attain 100 associate members.

Scott is the assistant general superintendent of safety for the Jefferson County Engineer’s Office. “My role with the county goes hand in hand with my duties as a trustee,” he says.

He says the most frustrating thing about serving as an elected official is balancing governing the township and public opinion. “It’s hard to make people understand there are certain laws townships cannot enforce.” He also says lack of funding has made it more difficult to survive in recent years.

He joked that if you are thinking about running for a township position, “Don’t do it for the paycheck.” He encourages people to get educated about township governance before jumping in.