Ellen Homan

Washington Township/Mercer County


Ellen Homan was born and raised in Coldwater, Ohio, where she still resides today. With her husband of 36 years, Doug, they have raised five children- Keith (34), Katie (33), Betsy (31), Lucas (29), and Cody (26). They also now have five grandchildren. She credits her family as her biggest motivation in life. She states, “I want them to be proud of their roots and where they came from.”

Ellen was drawn to township government when she saw the need for maintaining township roads and noticed the dwindling of funds to aid in the maintenance. She has now served Washington Township (Mercer County) for 18 years as a fiscal officer.

A graduate of Sinclair College, Ellen holds an Associate’s Degree in accounting. She has previously worked as an accountant at a certified public accounting firm for 30 years. She had changed from full-time to part-time when she became the Business Manager for three local Catholic parishes, in addition to the accounting firm. She then began working full-time exclusively with the churches. Ellen retired in March 2018, and now dedicates her time completely to serving the citizens of her township and the OTA. Working as both an accountant and business manager has given Ellen well-rounded knowledge that carries over to her duties as a fiscal officer. She believes her previous positions correlate almost directly to her position within the township. 

Her first memory with township government is when she attended the first annual Local Government Conference. She attended despite not taking office until two weeks later. Ellen states “that year was a record setting number of new fiscal officers to take over on April 1. We were all learning together that year!” She explained that the information she was receiving was a bit overwhelming but didn’t let it stop her from taking office.

Her most significant accomplishment in life she shares with her husband. Both worked two jobs each while raising their five children whom they had in a span of eight years. She lived a “whirlwind” life, juggling meetings, academics and sporting events. Today, she is happy that her children are excelling in their careers and have wonderful work ethics. 

As a fiscal officer, she believes the most challenging part of serving in local government is helping constituents understand how township government works, and, more specifically, why roads cannot be paved instantaneously and plowed with only a few snowflakes falling. Additionally, budget topics are never a topic of interest amongst others, especially with it being a prime responsibility of a fiscal officer.

To anyone interested in getting involved with local government, Ellen urges people to realize that the position of a fiscal officer doesn’t end when the work day does; it is a 24/7 responsibility. “Flooding, road damage, zoning issues, etc.” can happen at anytime of the day, so government officials must be prepared to address any situation. While many believe a fiscal officer’s sole purpose is paying bills and taking notes, Ellen explains that is only about 25 percent of the job. “Resolutions, budget hearings, training, compliance, conferences, audits and so much more” are what is required of a fiscal officer.

One day, Ellen hopes that the world can truly find global peace and an end to violence.