Carl Mangun

Augusta Township/Carroll County


Carl Mangun works on the principle that if you don’t like the way things are being done, then do them yourself.

“I lived on a township road that was in disarray for a while. That’s when I got more interested in township government, when I was finding out why my road wasn’t fixed,” he says.

Mangun went on to become a trustee in 2010 for Augusta Township in Carroll County. And as a township with mostly dirt roads, he has spent many hours a week helping to maintain them in the Eastern Ohio township.

He credits the boom in the oil and gas industry in Carroll County for the increased focus on repairing the 28.2 miles of township roads. He is thankful the oil and gas companies came in beforehand and helped improve the roads.

Mangun also is proud that Augusta Township has improved its road machinery equipment. “We received a USDA grant to purchase a new road truck, which paid for about 54 percent of the truck,” he says. “Then we got the USDA low-interest loan to pay the final part of it.”

He says Augusta Township has located and purchased several pieces of machinery in the classified section of the Ohio Township Association’s bimonthly magazine.

A lifelong resident of Augusta Township, Mangun and his wife, Connie, have a son and daughter and four grandsons. He likes to play around on his “hobby farm” and fish in his pond.