Lillian Whitcomb

Local Government Achievement
Tuscarawas Township/Coshocton County

High School: Coshocton High School

College Attending: Heidelberg University

Lillian Whitcomb, daughter of Christy Suffecool, plans to attend Heidelberg University and to double-major in German and business administration. 

"I chose Heidelberg because I plan to study German, and I will have the option to study with Heidelberg's sister school in Heidelberg, Germany. I will also be able to graduate with my MBA in five years rather than six due to the school's Plus One program, with my fifth year tuition-free," said Lillian. "The environment created by the staff and the school's location made Heidelberg somewhere I know I will feel at home while still being able to achieve new things."  

Post-graduation, Lillian hopes to become an international project manager for environmental campaigns.