During the 131st General Assembly, hundreds of bills have been introduced.  The OTA monitors the introduction of legislation and places all bills that have an impact on townships, directly or indirectly, on our Legislative Status Sheet.  Below are specific bills the OTA has taken a vested interest in.


Bill Status OTA Position Testimony and Other Documents
HB 531 Mileage Reimbursements (Hill) House Local Government Proponent -OTA Proponent Testimony
-Springfield Twp. Proponent Testimony
-Meigs Twp. Proponent Testimony
HB 423 Military Orders (Perales) Passed House May 18 Proponent -OTA/CCAO Joint Letter of Support
HB 378 Township Police Departments (Hambley, Rezabek) Passed House May 24 Proponent -OTA Letter of Support
HB 375 Removal of Snow and Ice on Sidewalks (Brown, Arndt) Senate State and Local Government Proponent -Perkins Twp. Letter of Support
-OTA Proponent Testimony
HB 361 Community Events in Parks/Recreation Facilities - Authorize Spending (Brenner) Bill was included in HB 413, which was enacted. Proponent -Orange Twp. Letter of Support
-OTA Proponent Testimony
HB 333 Bidding Thresholds (Schaffer, Hambley) House Local Government Proponent -OTA Letter of Support
-Columbia Twp. Testimony
-OARC Support Letter to Schaffer
HB 302 Type II Annexations (Henne, Butler) House Local Government Opponent -OTA Opposition Testimony
-Crosby Twp. (Hamilton Co.) Opponent Testimony
-Butler Twp. (Montgomery Co.) Opponent Letter
-Sugarcreek Twp. (Greene Co.) Opposition Testimony
HB 292 Firefighter Cancers (Hagan) House Insurance Opponent -OTA/OMC Joint Letter of Opposition
HB 150 Hotel Intermediaries (Grossman, Scherer) House Ways and Means Proponent -Perkins Twp. (Erie Co.) Support Letter
HB 12 Tax Increment Financing Incentive District (Butler, Burkley) Passed House May 25 Opponent -Anderson Twp. Opponent Testimony
-Sugarcreek Twp. Opponent Testimony