The Ohio Township Association publishes a monthly newsletter, Grassroots Clippings, which is mailed to township fiscal officers.  The fiscal officer is responsible for copying and distributing the newsletter to trustees and other township employees.  The newsletter includes announcements from the OTA, including membership deadlines, conference and seminar updates, and educational opportunities through state organizations, such as the Ohio Learning and Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC).  Additionally, the township compensation charts are published in the December issue each year.


Click here for a copy of the 2016 compensation charts.  


The newsletter is also emailed to anyone wishing to receive it in this manner.  If interested, email your name, title, township and county to Jordan Simonson.


The newsletter features a township photo in each issue, which showcases the variety around the state.  Please send your township photos to Jordan!


The OTA began publishing a "Did You Know" feature in each newsletter in 2011.  For an archive of past topics, click here.


Click here for a copy of the fraud acknowledgement form mentioned in the December "Did You Know."


This fall township residents will elect the fiscal officer and at least one of the three trustees to a four-year term.  The OTA routinely fields questions regarding the requirements and responsibilities of township officials.  Below is a web-only series of Did You Knows to help answer your questions, from running for an elected position to bonding of township officials once elected.  


Click below for the online version of the most recent issues of the newsletter.