Grassroots Clippings Newsletter

The Ohio Township Association (OTA) publishes a monthly newsletter, Grassroots Clippings, which includes announcements from the OTA; membership deadlines; conference and seminar updates; and educational opportunities through state organizations, such as the Ohio Learning and Technical Assistance Program, Ohio Department of Transportation, and Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.  

A special “Did You Know” section is also included in every newsletter that highlights important technical information for fiscal officers and trustees. Additionally, the township compensation charts are published in the November issue each year.

How to Get It

The newsletter is mailed or emailed to township fiscal officers per their request. The fiscal officer is responsible for copying and distributing the newsletter to trustees and other township employees. All members of the OTA may also sign up to receive the electronic version. If you are interested in receiving the email version of the Grassroots Clippings newsletter or reading recent issues and the “Did You Know” articles, please login to your profile in the members-only section of the website.

Click below for the online version of the most recent issues of the newsletter.