The 131st General Assembly is well under way and several of the bills that have been passed already have effective dates. Click here for the 131st General Assembly Status Sheet to get a complete overview of bills passed and effective dates.  


Bill Status OTA Position Testimony and Other Documents
HB 413 Township Omnibus Bill (Brinkman) Signed by Governor on June 28. Proponent -Explanation of HB 413
-Bainbridge Twp. Memo of Support
-Union Twp. Proponent Testimony
-Jackson Twp. Written Statement
-Orange Twp. Proponent Testimony
-Sharon Twp. Proponent Testimony
-OTA Proponent Testimony
-OTA Senate Testimony
-O'Keeffe Senate Testimony
HB 182 Development Districts (Schuring) Signed by Governor on June 13.   -OTA Concern Letter with -5 Version
-OTA Senate Testimony


Budget (HB 64)

The OTA has compiled a chart of items included in Am. Sub. HB 64 that impact townships either directly or indirectly.  Please find a link to that chart below.  


Most of the provisions of the bill took effect July 1, the start of the new biennium.  However, many of the local government provisions went into effect Sept. 29, 2015.  





During every session, several bills affecting townships are enacted with various effective dates. Click here for a full list of township related bills that were enacted in the 130th General Assembly.